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Scary Lift, Sick Office!!

I was rushing home last tuesday…  there were another lady waiting for the lift to go down..  whenever the lift door opened it always full of people inside.  We were at the 5th floor, we decided to follow an empty lift even thought the sign  show the lift going up.  So the lift when up right to the 17th floor, i think there were 8 people inside the lift but the lift stop at every floor.. how frustrating… suddenly the lift door partly opened.. it can’t close and can’t open.. everything stuck.. omigod!.. few guys managed to force open the lift door… phew.. one girl was so scared she just stepped out from the lift…… the door closed.. and we were safely landed on the ground… mmm mcm naik kapal..hehehe. thanx god!

Thats not all… last Thursday… i encountered the same problem.. . going back home with few people inside the lift.. to avoid disappointment, we went straight to 17th floor.. but going down we feel the lift shaking with scary sound…some were screaming… then it went down smoothly for a while.. but when i reach to the 6th floor it started to shake again… omigod! me and a friend held each other… this is scary… i have cold sweat.. lucky we got to the ground floor safely.

Both incident happened in a different lift… both lift are opposite to each other… i try to avoid these lift.. ..I might just go down using the stairs next time… i just have faith in God and let God protect me.

i suppose the management should provide a group health insurance or any related insurance for the staff, because its not just the lift that scared me.. the building seems dont have backup, there were one day we were in pitch dark, i had to open blind in the other room to get the light.. sharing daylight!.. we were in the dark for 4 hours.. seriously crazy!  Now everybody is out of breath.. aircond not working i guess… we have to use fan to get air… help! help! I’m having my migrain.

9 thoughts on “Scary Lift, Sick Office!!”

  1. Di mana ni building Shirl? Bikin takut oh, bukan alang2 lagi tinggi dia. Kalau ter-stuck di 17th Floor…om ngam2 in-between floors…ie so bikin takut. Kalau sya dua kali suda experienced ter-stuck, I would rather take the stairs. Good exercise juga ;-). Ada kamu complain to the management. So dangerous oh…

  2. i was thinking of using the staircase…but i dont think we call it exercise if wearing high heel.. from 5th floor with high heel.. that is risky.. i might just wear sport shoe next time i go down…but it sure look funny!

  3. Wei .. kin takut juga tu.

    Complain about it Shirl and make sure that when you take the lift next time, mesti ada ramai orang. Never ever take the lift alone.

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