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Happy Birthday Son

My son, Sean Matthew Francis.. born on November 8, 2003

I dream of being a mother,
my dream come true,
I wanted to have a son,
now i am holding you,

It seems like yesterday
You learn to talk and walk
Oh my little baby boy
You are 5 years old today!

No more turning back.. you will learn so many things ahead of you!

Happy Birthday Sean Matthew… we love you more and more each day.. mummy pray to God, to guide and protect you, and the angels will always be with you.

Your mummy.

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Son”

  1. Happy birthday dear Sean from us here ..tia sedar kan masa berlalu so fast …tuk tuk tuk anak2 sudah besar panjang …bah hug and kiss for sean ..nanti christmas we kasi together2 tuu budak2 jua

  2. Happy belated B’day to Sean. Shirley did you know that my b’day and your son just one day dif. im a day earlier from your sean’s b’day

  3. Happy yg paling belated dari uncle sini. Samalah kita, Scorpion boys. Hahahaha. No wonder kau hensem kan Sean 😉

    sama2 lah kita teda presents ok. nebemain ok. Nanti uncle kasi kau something but you must give uncle something too ok. high five to both handsome scorpions. Hahahahaha.

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