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    The Door Without Knob

    This happened long time ago when i still don’t have my maid. I came back one day, feeling tired with two kids to handle, as usual, once i reached home, my first destination will be in the kitchen. I always left my kitchen door closed because i don’t want my living room fill with smell from neighbour’s kitchen. Still wearing my working dress, i get some things to cook from the refrigerator and rushed to the kitchen but ..oh my.. the door was lock..oh dear!

    I tried all the spare keys we kept but not even one of it fit.. oh ya..i even try card and pushed it hard.. the old trick but still… cant open the kitchen door. At that time, my daughter wanted her bottle milk… ‘mummy i want my nenen’.. she have the bottle outside but the powder milk was in the kitchen… lucky she just keep quite when i gave her water. Can’t really do anything, can’t let my children starved .. i fed them biscuits and bread.. and at 7.30 we fetch my hubby in KK.. and took our dinner.

    So.. since we cant really find the spare keys.. my hubby decided to…. taaraaa!!!

    Broke it….make a hole…. I can see my kitchen faucets from the hole… for your info, we have replaced our door knob.. lucky my hubby can do almost everything..without spending money on Handy Manny!