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Connecting Via Skype

One of the main reason i wanted Laptop is to make it as our telecommunication tools between my family here and my brother in Adelaide..   How easy it is to see your far distance family nowadays with just one click.

Whenever  my parents wants to talk to their grandchildren in Adelaide.. we just go online either via yahoo messenger or skype.  My mum cant hide her tears whenever she saw them… my nephew asked her ‘mama, napa ko ada airmata?, mama nangis?… missing them so much.  Whenever i feel tears flowing down.. i just give excuses… their know why i said.. ‘skijap ah, skijap ah’…

Well not only my parents and me.. but also my children, especially Sean, whenever we go back to my parents house in Tebobon (my brother’s house)… he will cry out loud.. ‘Daddy Bon’ (my brother’s name).  He stop talking about Dawson and Daniel… doesn’t want to reply if we asked where they are… he keep quite with his fierce but sad face.   He don’t even want to talk to their cousin online… I have explained him that they will be back .. but still doesnt understand why his cousins left him all alone… all he know that he have nobody to play Ultraman with… mmm so sad… i know sooner or later he will understand what is going on.

I took a snap shot while talking via Skype…  happy to see everybody happy and healthy .  Chrismast is coming soon i need to search for chrismast gift for them online or i just use retail pos systems to send it to them… i will just servay which is easier and cheaper.

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  • Cay

    Hi shir ..well sure u all going to miss bona and his family especially the coming christmas kan ..with the skype at least u know there live happy and healthy there ..

  • shirley

    ya cay,
    memang very sunyi oh… dorang punya family lah paling active ni.. bona lah leader … mmm sedih lah..wt to do.. mana tau nxt year kami xmas d sana…. ko ikut lah.

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