The Angry Neighbour!!

This will be the continuation about my last post…. ‘the idiot who throw the rubbish’..  I was in the office and still thinking who the hell the person is.  I reach the office i go spread the bad news to my colleague..  i was so angry and still is very very very angry!!

It was my husband’s off day, so i called him if the cleaner throw the rubbish that i put on the stairs.. . he said it was still there…  great i thought.. i am sure going to yell from the ground floor, knocking every door while carrying the rubbish… and great so i will dig.. the envelop that i’m sure with the house address in front of everybody...  yes… i will surely do that.. mmmm you wait and see…

5.00pm… time to back.. my husband with the kids waiting for me… . Once i go in the car.. my first question … ‘so.. the rubbish still there”?.. ‘no, i throw it already’ my husband replied…   There goes my golden opportunity to find the ‘idiot’..  I was so furious with my husband for acting good… but thinking about it.. it reflects  what the bible teach us .. ‘Love Thy Neighbours‘… Instead of going for another thorough investigation… i keep quite.. so ashame .. okay lah.. let them win.. make them happy.

Actually.. i can’t really fiqure out who really did it… my next neighbour really make a fuss about it.. because she thought i blame her… mmmm… maybe i will buy her diet pill to make her happy.. she is in the direct selling line.. I am also planning to invite my neighbours to Sean’s Birthday Party next month.. lol.. i’m sure will brought the rubbish matter again.. hahaha…. till then neighbours.

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  • Dora

    I think your husband’s decision of just “throw the rubbish and get over” it … is a wise decision. If I were you, I will put a big sign in front of your door… to let whoever your irresponsble neighbours are know that your front door is not a garbage bin. There are still some people out there who have some low mentality and will do this kind of shameful thing. I tell you, this happens everywhere. As far as I’m concern, you will never find out who the culprit is… cos he/she is never gonna admit it. Shirley, I’m glad you didn’t go knocking on every neighbours’ door cos some of them might get insulted and take it the wrong way. I can understand your frustration but sometimes we have to deal with this kind of situation in a positive way kan. But anyways, thanks for sharing your experience… have a good day 🙂

  • shirley

    Hi Dora,

    wah..thanks for your feedback… really appreciate it… ya lah lucky my husband made a wise decision by throwing it… imagine if both of us think the same thing.. it might get worst kan… lovely day to you too kio..

  • Mel

    Aiya, punya budu tu urg. Badigul betul! I would be so determined to find out who really did it… hahaha well, it’s just me bah tu… sia kurik sampai ke lubang cacing… lol lol. Anyway, luckily yr husband made the decision for you, somehow it helped the day kan.

    I’d be so furious tho’… hahahaha galangas kan…

  • Cay

    Shir ..lucky jua si chris made the decision before u come back from office ..cus he knows u sure will be marah kan ..anyway i oso will dig until i know who did it …mmg galangas ohhh nii mcm si mel hehehe

  • shirley


    memang dia takut dia punya bini..jadi singa betina bah..bukan apa..dia takut dia yang malu bah tu.. ko tau lah kalu singa sudah..mengaum.. aaaummm!!! aku terkam tu orang nanti… mmm goooson lah.

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