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Happy Birthday Mummy

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birtday to mummy!

Happy Birthday to you!

My mummy, Rose Indus Insing is a very special woman, she just turned 56 on the 3rd October but she still look great and young, not only her appearance but also young at heart.  She loves gardening and this really help her in shape without using ellipticals machine.

She shower us with loves and her smile heal us.  I can’t explain her sacrifices in words… she touch our heart.

Thank you mummy! we love you!!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mummy”

  1. Happy birthday mummy u always too ..adiiii lama sia tia jumpa mummy kan ..but she still look the same like long time back lah ..awet muda tul

  2. Anies,

    Thank you … actually she even look greater than that i also forgot that she is in her 50s.. she is full of sense of humour ni…

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