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    Not My Luck

    I imagining myself riding a horse on the english saddles, … run through the valley.. leaving my sadness behind. My name were in the list and have been called for interview to get promotion… but i guess i didn’t get it, if i do i should get the answer by now… well its not my time to get it.. Well.. i am a bit disappointed because i did passed the exam and qualified but maybe not my luck yet… mmmm… sigh…

    I have been working in the same place for 11 years, 6 months … doing the same old job but having served 9 bosses come and go withing that years.

    It was an unexpected called to go there… and i didn’t know that i was called for an interview and i wasn’t ready. No high hope but i know Its high time for me to move to another dept …well… i’m stuck here…..

    Let me be a butterfly … even for a day…

    let me fly.. fly up high.. up high in the sky..

    leaving my sadness behind…

    let my tears falls.. like a rainy day..

    i won’t come down until i reach the sky..

    once i ease my burden

    i sprinkle love and joy down on earth…

    no more sorrow, no more sadness

    i will be back.. be back again

    to the same place i belong..

    doing the thing i always does..

    but without sorrow.. without sadness..

    with love and gladness..

    but not today! not today!

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    I Got Award!

    I just place back my chat box in my blog.. and i got message from Osindak and Faye to claim an award from their blogs… wah wee… sioknya.. i got this award. Nice of you zan and faye… thanx!

    Some rules:

    1. Put the logo on your blog
    2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
    3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
    4. Add links to these blogs on your blog
    5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog

    So, Its my turn to pass this “Brillante Weblog Award”… and goes to… ..Cay, Colyn, Syari, Anies, Queen Bee, Ladyjava and Amy.

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    Update From Adelaide

    It have been 2 months plus without my brother, Bonaventure and his family.. but it seems like years.  It always great having them around, my brother loves to give us free trip.. almost 100% expenses covered by him… he loves to throw jokes that really makes the day brighter, he make the family come together in any occasion.  Doreen, my sis-inlaw… wah i tell you this lady.. she loves to bake, specialize in cheese cake and ‘sarangsemut’.. i dont what to call that.. taste great.   You want to know about saints?, you can refer her, she have almost all the collections.

    The children.. how should i put this.. energetic, smart, hyper sometimes, full of answers.. just throw them 100 questions.. they answer you with 105 complete with details.. lol.. funny.. but when come to tantrum.. especially dawson.. pheww.. quite an hertic.. only smart plp can handle him… well kids..but i am sure he’ll change.. he is a big boy.

    Here some pics i got from my brother….

    Doreen and Bridget.. showing the kitchen.. hehe..

    My Brother with kids..

    Big boys!! Dawson & Daniel…

    Really missed them.. .. my sean missed to play ultraman with daniel and dawson… my chrissa misses daniel and bridget.. !!!  Hope to see them soon, we might go there… Adelaide.. !!! yihaa!!