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Message Wrongly Sent

I am feel like knocking my head right now… silly, stupid me..  I dont know if you ever encounter what i did ..sent sms to wrong person and i ever received sms that not meant for me… here what i meant :

1st Mistake

I wanted to inform my husband that i am going somewhere with my friend, Carol.. instead of smsing my hubby,.. i sms carol.. funny!!

2nd Mistake

i wanted to inform my neighbour that i am having promotion for the eye curler.. instead of sending it to miy neighbour.. i sent the sms to my office driver… i didn’t know until driver asked me..what is it about… OMIGOD!  I feel like hiding under the table.

3rd Stupid Mistake..

Just happened today… as you know that i am leaving my office.. so i wanted to asked my friend, jes’s opinion.. . i wrote like this :

“Jes, I need ur opinion..should i give kak… a something sebagai membalas budi konon..walaupun dia pernah marah saya”.

Guess what.. i send the message to ‘kak’ .. mind doesn’t sound rude without the word ‘konon’.. really not sincere.. oh damn. I called my friend, carol to get her opinion..she said just bring white flag and surrender.. ha ha .. ya rite.

i sms her to say sorry and even called her ..but the sms no reply… the call no answer.. so i just wait what happended tomorrow lah..

i feel like drinking alcohol and tomorrow sign up for alcohol rehab.. just kidding..she wont kill me.. but i cam imagine her loud voice.. screaming at me… haiya.. really sily, stupid me..


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