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I Want The Brand New Me

This year .. i had my nose bleed three times .. never experience this before in my life.. i had while i was pregnant but i thought it was normal.. but when it happened three times..i find it scary..

I have not done any medical check up my blood pressure.. cholesterol, sugar level etc.  There are times my heart beat faster and cold sweat..without reason.

It’s high time for me to start a health plans..  i don’t want to get sick and grow old fast..  as the saying goes..‘Health is Wealth’.   I will start with medical check up, sweat by excising, dancing or just brisk walking, read books to motivate myself… i want to feel and see the brand new me.


  • chegu carol

    hi shirley,

    i am prone to nose bleeding as well.
    if the weather gets pretty hot and i deprived myself from consuming water, i sure will get nose bleed.

    but there was this time when i worked in Tawau. The weather was too hot and dry for me. I had nose bleeding more than 5 times in three months i was there. It sometimes bled right after i woke up in the morning or at other times, while i was working. The thing that got me scared was the fact that I bled profusely and most of the times, without any warnings. As if I have internal bleeding or something. So, I went to see doctor but all he said was, I have some minor veins ruptured (which will be healed on its own) as a result of dry season and less water consumption. He told me to keep my body hydrated, not pick my nose too often and hope that the weather will helped me out with my nose problem. LOL!

    But, it isalways good to have yourself checked bah kan. Better than worrying too much without knowing what;s it all about.

  • shirley

    Hi chegu carol… welcome back!!!..

    wah nose bleed more than 5 times..? scary lah.. iya so concern about my health lately never go for a check up oh.. its time to take care of ourselves.. thanx for your info.. its a relieve to know its normal

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