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Not My Luck

I imagining myself riding a horse on the english saddles, … run through the valley.. leaving my sadness behind. My name were in the list and have been called for interview to get promotion… but i guess i didn’t get it, if i do i should get the answer by now… well its not my time to get it.. Well.. i am a bit disappointed because i did passed the exam and qualified but maybe not my luck yet… mmmm… sigh…

I have been working in the same place for 11 years, 6 months … doing the same old job but having served 9 bosses come and go withing that years.

It was an unexpected called to go there… and i didn’t know that i was called for an interview and i wasn’t ready. No high hope but i know Its high time for me to move to another dept …well… i’m stuck here…..

Let me be a butterfly … even for a day…

let me fly.. fly up high.. up high in the sky..

leaving my sadness behind…

let my tears falls.. like a rainy day..

i won’t come down until i reach the sky..

once i ease my burden

i sprinkle love and joy down on earth…

no more sorrow, no more sadness

i will be back.. be back again

to the same place i belong..

doing the thing i always does..

but without sorrow.. without sadness..

with love and gladness..

but not today! not today!

8 thoughts on “Not My Luck”

  1. Shir ..maybe it is not time yet for the promotion …maybe not ur rezeki for the post and im sure there will be more good news ahead for u God’s will, u will get one in the future 🙂

  2. shirl i also suprised after hearing so much things from them..but i hope more or even better position for u in the future. U deserve more than a promotion…
    Moi dont saddle the horse too far…tesesat pulak mo balik (just joking) to cheer u abit bah

  3. hi there Shirl

    I got my first promotion after serving for 17 years. 3 years after that, another promotion for me. You see…it’s tough! But be patient kio..God has planned something for us, so, don’t worry. You will get it sooner or later..

    God bless

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