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Mummy’s Nite Out

Mummy have been tired and stressed out… mummy need a time to relax… go out for a dinner with friends.. but most of my friends also can’t hardly go out especially at night due to commitment for family.

Last week was a very busy day at work and when my friend told me that our boss had bought a table for our staff to the Shell Award in Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort and if i interested to go.  Well.. i wanted to go.. but .. who’s going to take care of the children?… i asked my mum if she can look after my kids Sunday night… her replied..’Ok bah kalu ko‘… , then i asked my husband, ‘dear, can i go out this Sunday nite?, i have a function with the office staff‘..   His first question is.. ‘ who’s taking care of the kids’?.. ‘mummy lah’ i replied,… ‘then why not.. go lah’.. yuuhuu.. my husband approved my passport for a nite out.

The show was great… and i wanted to go there because of Stacy the AF winner.. i love her voice..let just say i’m a fan.   A few Af students performing that night,  starting from Candy.. ( i love her voice), Velvet (wah.. this girl memang malatup.. so talented) , Yazeer (he sang two slow rock song with his guitar..) , Nadia (she is so cute.. with her husky voice) and Stacy (She sang two songs … i love her.. but she look a bit tired) .  The last performer was Datuk Leonard Tan.. he is a pro… a great performer i must say… very talented indeed!

There are few reporters receiving their awards and acknowledgment for their stories.., the foods was great… and guess what.. i managed to take photos with…

This last photo is me with two pretty ladies, Carolyn and also my boss, Afieza.  Mummy had a great nite out… will update for more if mummy get other opportunity to escape.. lol.. lovely.

16 thoughts on “Mummy’s Nite Out”

  1. alamak fele.. inda lah sya duduk ni… sya menaip pun berdiri lah ni..hehehe..bah sya pun kena sponsor gia.. lain kali kita tunggu kay n collete baru lah… mummies nite out lagi

  2. Adidi Shir ..bah mana gambar2 ko sma si stacy sma velvet ..i like velvet ..hehehe ..malatop’s girl tuu hehe ..yah bah mmg the very lovely ko shir ..ada montel sikit dari dulu ..hehe ..bah december kita mommie’s nite out ..sia balik kg niii hehe

  3. yuuhuu.. another compliment ni.. make my day.. hehehe.. actually kami terjumpa this two ladies di tempat yang tak sepatutnya..hehe.. in the Ladies..hehehe.. must be our luck lah tu kan.

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