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Going To Get $$$

It has been a week after i verified my paypal account and withdrawed my income to my debit card.  I called the bank yesterday to check whether there is any transaction from paypal to my account, she replied, “yes mam, you have 1.95usd from paypal”, oh my, meaning the money still not in yet.

Today, i called again… hehe really can’t wait..  I asked the same question, ‘can you please check if there are any transaction from my paypal?”… she replied ..“yes mam, you have 1.95usd and 195usd in your account”.  Yahoo… confirmed my money is in.. ready to be collected… so i’m going to get it… its like having asset recovery after being freezed in the bank, well there is a blessing in it.. if i got verified earlier i wont get that much today.

9 thoughts on “Going To Get $$$”

  1. Yeay!!! You got your money already.. but how come the money is in USD?? You mean only when you withdraw then get RM is it??

    With Al-Rajhi.. i can check online and the money is reflected as ringgit already

  2. Feel good to earn from blogging huh? 🙂

    I used my credit card to take out the money. Or send to my husband’s Hungarian account. (of course he has to give to me :P)

  3. Carol… ya bah.. after the hard work.. cheh.. it pays off.. i know you can do it too…
    about the the blog thingy.. i also dont know wt happen lah.. i need to check it out..

  4. Syari,
    i was thinking about you during weekend.. havent visit you for quite a time.. i will go there… for sure.. thanx dear.. yup so happy got my first income from blogging

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