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Need Bigger Screen TV?

Another tired weekend with only me and my two kids. Well, no more complaint.. mummy got to do what mummy got to do. Its hard to wake them up everyday for schools but they woke up early that Saturday… oh my. I started my early Saturday as a referee for my children, fighting over their favourite programme, Sean want to watch his ‘Ultraman’s VCD, while Chrissa want to watch ‘Playhouse Disney‘. Their voices are louder than the TV volume… with high pitch.

My husband ever thought of buying a DLP tv but i am sure we going to watch more ‘drama’ from our children. Nowadays mummy and daddy only watched whatever our children watch… so you asked me to get a bigger screen… no thank you… i dont want to watch Ultraman fighting everyday. The only time i can watch my favourite programme when my children were sleeping and that time i can’t even concentrate… too sleepy!

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