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Another Imagination

Monday… Monday.. what can you say….the starting of a week and there are so many things i need to do, so many things need to be completed but while working i managed to peek and drop comments in  few blogs.   Besides my own things, i am also helping my daddy to settle his case and help my brother follow-up with few things.  I am not complaining… i am more than willing to help my family, that’s what family for.. help each other.  I need to do things one at a time and slow and steady.. or else.. somebody will go’touch wood’.

I am sure once everything settled i can relax… i am imagining myself and my family having our relaxing chat near the pool…   I am sure my imagination will come true someday, my family just love to have family celebration together… in the future we going to have our celebrations outdoor, what we need is an outdoor furniture covers, so for now its just another imagination.


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