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    Having Pets

    It usually excite my children whenever i told them we will be staying at my parent’s house. The first think on their mind was the cat that always waiting to be fed, it belong to nobody it just came their during lunch and dinner time, not sure where the shelter is. It will come to the kitchen sometimes for shelter. We feel bad for we cannot provide a good shelter for the cat. I am thinking to bring the cat to a pet clinic in the city to give it proper care and good shelter.

    I came across a website that had an online community which helping pet owners and help pets too. Its a great idea to help us on how to take proper care of pets especially those whom are interested of having pets on their own. They also have different promotions to help pet shelters, they doing a job with a good cause.

    I would let my children have pet on their own in the future, it will teach them about loving, caring and responsibility, but i will make sure that they are ready before start having one, its not an easy task.

    Chrissa would love to have a cat as her pet and i am sure the cat will be named ‘Barbie’.. exactly… we will see about that.

    I will get a dog for Sean as his pet… i hope he wont named it ‘Ultraman’...May be if i move to a new house which have a big area, it wont be a problem to have pets around. It would be chaos but fun and definitely full of love.

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    Mummy Vs Ultraman

    I wanted to do my assignments or at least update my blog from home last night but my son really irritate me. It is impossible to do things with my children around, so i try to put them to sleep, i managed to put Chrissa to sleep but Sean insist that he wants to watch Ultraman’s VCD, he have been watching few ultraman’s VCD without getting bored. My nephew had a lot of Ultraman’s VCD collections, so Sean really got excited with that, even at home he got a few collection of Ultramans and Power Rangers’ VCDs.

    I was sleeping next to Chrissa, while Sean trying to persuade me to let him watch VCD and it was 11.00pm. Sean was still jumping on the bed, talking to himself pretending that he is the Ultraman for a moment and next you know he become power ranger. I let him kick or whatever thing he does, he even kicked me a few times but i was aware of his action, so i let the ultraman down.

    I pretend myself sleeping at the same time i was protecting Chrissa from his brother’s kick but without any warning, he kicked me right on my stomach… i feel like kicking him back.. patience keep me calm… this time his daddy lose control and gave Sean a bit of scolding. Without saying anything, Sean a.k.a ultraman just lie down near me covering his face, he was crying and at the same time pinching my hand.

    I was so angry with Sean and i told him if ever i saw ultraman i will chase him out of the house. If i ever meet ultramans, whatever ultraman tiga, ultraman nexus, ultraman dyna, i really going to give them a piece of mind… i’m sure they flash drive on their chest will blink blink… getting help from somewhere else.

    He finally fall asleep i guess around 1.00am. I changed my mind about updating my blog and straight go to sleep.

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    Thanks God!

    Early morning i called the authority to get my dad’s document but they said its still under process in KL. I have to wait for it maybe this afternoon, i called so many people to make sure the document ready. I can’t sit down and wait, i called again at 12.30 noon, this time i asked for the KL office. Its a government office, so i explained to them why i need it to be done urgently and i know that i had to break the rules and procedure, because without this document, my daddy cannot leave the country. The lady asked me to call her again at 2.30pm.

    Everything was so last minute and i have been pushing everybody to the limit.. well not too harsh… we got to do what we got to do… right. Exactly 2.30pm, i called the lady in the gov office KL, she check my daddy’s documentation so she kept me on hold…. while waiting i can hear voices at the background …. ya allah… comelnye ..anek you… bila balik.. i heard baby crying… mmmm… i’m still waiting and i still hear … wah dah besa dia ni… the rest i cant really hear. When i got her back her on the line she said she will fax the document to KK Office by 3.00pm. Oh my God… i am really not sure if she is telling the truth or just making me happy… please God help me go through this.

    While dealing with these people, my dad keep on calling my hp for the update.. mmm sigh… relax! relax!. Called KK office to get the update, thanks God they received the fax from KL but i need to pay a sum of money by today before proceed the letter for further action. Thanks God everything are done on time.

    My mummy told me that my dad didnt really get enough sleep and no appetite the day before… i know how he felt. If i were him, i will feel the same way.. I also feel like i need to apply for medigap after going through all this.

    Tomorrow they will be going to Australia, i hope there will be no problem.. so help me God!