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    Home At Last

    I woke up yesterday by the message alert on my hp….‘sis, we will transit to Brunei and leaving at 5.15pm from there’ . So ‘today is the day’… my parents and sister coming back home. My husband definitely can’t fetch them so i had to plan ahead. At 4.30 i left the office with my colleague, Juvi… i offer her a ride to her daughter’s school and at the same time she can helped me look after Chrissa. Finally we reached Asia City Complex where my niece anxiously waited for us.

    We reached the airport at 5.40pm, parked the car and waited. We got excited to see ..Royal Brunei… ‘landed’ on the screen exactly at 6.07pm. Chrissa doesn’t want to walk at first but when she saw so many people in the Arrival Hall… she went in.. together with Sean.. they were running near those people waiting for their luggage, i was running like a mad lady in between those people but managed to grab both of them out of the area. They didnt stop there, they run at the hallway and made 3 rounds… so tiring catching them…ya.. ya .. kids had fun but mummy going mad.

    Parents and sister came out from the Arrival Hall almost 7.00pm. Bought KFC and headed home. The interesting part was the time their took out their things from their bag… no rubis item found, sharp items prohibited but my kids drooling when they saw few catchy items.

    So happy to have them home at last! my sister will blog about her trip and i will get few pics for my next post.

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    The Age That I Wish To Back To

    Wah.. it was looong time ago that Ladyjava tagged me with this subject .. and i find it interesting anyway. I didn’t have time to really write about it but i have been thinking about this.. mmmm let me think what age that i want to reverse myself in.

    I think i want to go back to the time i was 21 years old just to hold my sweet memories and undo mistakes i have made back then.

    I should have saved more more money and i should have chosen fashion design instead of secretarial. I know i can go far in fashion industry, i might be in Paris now with my own label.. but no worries my passion are still fashion.

    I should have told my bestfriend my feeling toward him back then… . but i was lucky that i have made the right choice by marrying my husband.

    I know we can’t change our past… ‘past is past, its history’…life goes on… hoping to see a wonderful life journey and more more money ahead!


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    Title: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To
    Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?
    Tag Mode: 5 bloggers
    1st – You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
    2nd – Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

    The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:

    Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
    Lemonjude wish to go back to age 6 to enjoy kid’s life.
    L’abeille wish to go back to any year but never return to age 28.
    Sweetpea wish to go back to, actually, just thinking about 17.
    Jean Chia wish to go back to 14 years old.
    eastcoastlife wishes to go back to age 24 when she’s in demand.
    Emila wish to go back to the age of 7 to live that precious moments again
    Rizal wish to go back to the age of 7 – 7 super wonders of my world.
    Mangosteenskin wish to back to age 7 to chase back Macik Piut’s geese and dogs!
    Mariuca wish to go back to age 14 to forget her current sorrows.
    LadyJava wish to go back to age 23 to say goodbye to her father and tell him, ” I love you”
    Shirley a.k.a Beautiza wish to go back to age i was 21 years old just to hold my sweet memories and undo mistakes i have made back then.

    **************End copy***************

    I am passing this tag to …. amy, osindak, ornest, colyn and queen bee.

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    A Date With My Hubby

    Last week i had opened an account with Alliance Bank in Inanam, they issued ATM card for that purpose. I had been given an enveloped containing the pin number.. i fold and kept it in my bag for few days, so when i tear the enveloped i can’t read the last digit… oh my! oh me! silly, stupid me. At the same time, my road tax expired yesterday, i really had to renew it today.

    Lucky my husband’s off day is today, so he will be my driver because.. i really hate to search for parking…. My niece not feeling well today, she got fever so i let her stay at home. Our first destination, send my son to school, i asked my husband to drop me in my office while he send my daughter to school. At 9.30am, we reached our second destination… the bank in Inanam.. the girl tried to help me recognizing the missing number and with few attempt still can’t get the right number, i ended up paying rm12.00 for a new ATM card… mann… stupid, silly me. My husband was waiting for me in the car and i was in the office for one hour or so… after everything done.. we rush to the next restaurant… wah so hungry.. ordered konomen.. i dont know how to spell that.. lol.. husband ordered kueh teow penang… aya.. should have ordered that one.. look testier than mine.. anyway i finished mine..

    I supposed to be back to the office but it was already 11.30 am and there are still unsettled business. Next destination, renew my car insurance in Gaya.. you know its hard to find parking in that area, why can’t they find a good location with more parking space, i am sure there are good Outer Banks rentals somewhere. After we settled with the bank, we headed to Centre Point to get my hp, unfortunately the hp cant be fixed.. there go another story.

    I wanted to wait for the insurance so we kill the time doing window shopping, i bought pooh’s colouring books and colour pencil for sean… mmm another collections for him. My husband wanted to buy me lunch but my tummy cant receive any food inside… so he bought me ice cream instead. At 1.30pm, my niece called me that she feel rashes all over her body and feels so itchy… So changed of plan, cant wait for the insurance, we had to go back to fetch her. We bought some fish and vegetables from the wet market before heading home.

    Bring my niece to Clinic Malaysia in KK, Doctor gave her medicine and she had to take her blood sample, waited until 4.00 pm. Grab my road tax and insurance policy from the bank and straight fetch Sean and Chrissa whom are anxiously waiting for us. Phewww… my date with my hubby exactly like office hours.