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I Miss Them Very Much

Its been 6 days without my parents and sister… staying in that big house make me feels so tired… My son have been changing clothes 3-4 times a day, he doesn’t want to wear his own clothes instead he wears his cousin’s clothes (Dawson and Daniel). Whenever he played on his own i can hear he mentioned … ‘Daniel!… ultraman’… ‘Dawson…. be careful’ ...i don’t know why but i am sure he missed them a lot.

My Chrissa also have been asking about Bridget, yesterday she heard children’s voice..coming from the neighbour’s house next door… she looked at me ‘mummy… nah ke’ke’ awson, nanel … nah mummy bridget’... oh i wanted to cry but i said.. they are all in Australia. I know she wondered why only us staying in that house, my children keep on asking me ‘where is mama?’, whenever i replied .. ‘Australia’… ‘mama?’, ‘mummyla?’.. they looked very sad.. in my heart sunken.. deeply missed them also.

I am counting the days… plus today, another 3 days to go.. I cannot imagine staying somewhere without my family members by my side. I had to use the blemish acne cream to cover my pimples that keep on popping out.. oh my.

Every night and day i pray for their safety, God’s protection and guidance… sending angels to be with them all the time. Help me and hear me Lord.

12 thoughts on “I Miss Them Very Much”

  1. it is always a bummer to have ur family so far away. and then it sucks even more when u have to part with them when it is time to go.
    pray for Lord’s blessing always..
    God bless..

  2. one day , i turn on my laptop; and as usual my two boys pop up beside me looking what will i do next. So i open the picture folder and show them our family picture. They turned to me and ask me when can they meet shawn and shasha…and Daniel told me that he want to play Ultraman with Shawn…well, i could not say anything…i know they are home sick as we are here…No place better than home.

  3. hi shirl, it must hard for everyone in your family being apart for sometime..hopefully one day u can go visit your brother with the kids 🙂

  4. Edna,

    Thanx… really hurt sometimes but we have to do what we have to do kan… just pray for Gods guidance and protection.

  5. Fele,
    really susah to explain to sean but chrissa lah so many ‘why?”where?’… i just keep quite if she keep on asking..

    Hopefully lah can go there… visit them sambil holiday..

  6. Bonn,

    10days without parents pun seksa olready… apa lagi without any family members over there… sabar je lah.. take care & God bless!

  7. Shir cian anak2 kan but one day they will know why their koko not around to play ultraman and all tht ..and homesick will sure make u feel so lonely without any family members me here uwahhhh ….

  8. Hi shirley…

    sedih pula baca your post ni…tear drops!! Kesian kan the kids..I know the feeling being away…doiii home sick butul. Do you have diorang Doreen punya telephone number? buli jua sa call diorang sometimes.. Bah say hello to everybody at home and hug for you all there!

    God Bless!

  9. Ling..

    iya bah really sedih oh… whenever the kids talk to each other.. sya pula yg nangis… dorang close bah tu coz stay together before dorang p australia gia… until skarang pun my kids mencari saja cousin dorang tu… bah when u coming back?

  10. Hi Shieley…

    sa balik hujung tahun..only me n baby. Martin nda dpt ikut..doii mahal gia kalo balik semua. Ada sa call Doreen kelmarin and i managed to talk to Dawson. Wahhh sipiking sda si dawson ooo. Doreen said now is very cold there…4 degrees.Doiii sejuk gia tu. ehh anak2 ko pun besar2 sda oo…wahhh cepat kan masa berlalu.

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