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I Received Awards

Yuuhuu… i received this award from my lovely friend Ladyjava. I love it, thanks very much LJ. My computer memory ram need to be upgraded, it has being slow lately and not only that, my brain need upgrading too.

I am not going to keep this award to myself, i love to share it to my friends.  I am sending the lorry driver with these loads of awards to cay, fele, carolyn, mel, hilda, luthie, valarie and syari . By the way, i have asked Tom Cruise to drive this lorry… just grab the rewards and not the driver okay.

7 thoughts on “I Received Awards”

  1. Shir thanks for the award and oso the lorry nasib baik the driver is tom cruise ..kalo si wentworth miller sia mmg ambil lorry sma driver skali hehe ..thanks anyway.

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