Life is a beautiful journey!

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Happy Wedding Anniversary

I am so happy to blog about this…. My parent’s 36th wedding anniversary! Married on 29 July 1972. Blessed with four children, 3 girls and a boy, and now they have 10 grandchildren. There were ups and down in our journey as a family… they were hard times but our family stick together. Daddy & …

Family usinku

My Dear Car

I hope my car will forgive me for not sending it for service on time, I can’t imagine if the car is human, it would have chest pain or coughing.. lol. My husband send the car for service, change motor oil, etc, lucky no need to change the ac compressor. The car never been washed …

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I Need A Massage

I complained to my husband how difficult it was to handle Sean while driving and now i have both Chrissa and Sean in the car, surprisingly Sean behave well, while Chrissa flow with her mood, there were times they really got me crazy especially when they start shouting to each other. Its a stressful journey …