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I Am Who I Am

I am who i am, nobody can change how i feel.  I am a human being, i have feelings too.  Although sometimes you see me smile and laugh.. and even throw stupid jokes doesnt mean i dont feel hurt inside.  Its nobody fault .. this is just how i feel.

I am sorry if you think that i am being selfish by posting this story… this is how i let my feeling out.  Sometimes talking to people really hurts especially if they dont know how you feel.. and the worst part is being unappreciated. 

I am who i am, i work for money … to survive .. thats for sure and on top of that i am dedicated to do my job.  Sometimes i really feel like bullied, i mean.. yes call me in the middle of the night just to get information, being scolded on the phone just because i didnt answered the phone on time… and there were times that i was called at night just to asked me to go to come to the office at 7.30 in the morning.  I did everything they told me to do… ‘stay back ok’… i stayed back… there are a few occasions that i have to fetch my son from his nursery and bring him to the office… just to make sure my job completed.. gosh..while others just say.. bye bye bye.. with reasons… i never come up with reason.. such an idiot me.

Mmmm i dont want any reward.. nope.. thats not me..but atleast an honest appreciation.  I wanted to cry .. yes i wanted too..but seems like no more tear drops..  I hate those people that keep on telling me ‘thank you shirley you did a good job’.. now i know they said that just to let me do what they want me to do… but at the end of the day.. you are history!

So i am who i am… blame it on the hormon… that i love being straight forward and not talking or complaining  behind.  This is not dedicated to anybody… its just how i feel.. i need to let it out… i’m not blaming anybody. 

Dont worry.. i am who i am, i dont need self defense products to get you out of my way.. i am strong .. and keep going strong.   I am thankful to my friends that understand me very much and give me support and encouragement.  

There are times that i really break down… but I know Jesus always hold my hands and lead my way.. he never leave me alone. 


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