Life is a beautiful journey!

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I Am Who I Am

I am who i am, nobody can change how i feel.  I am a human being, i have feelings too.  Although sometimes you see me smile and laugh.. and even throw stupid jokes doesnt mean i dont feel hurt inside.  Its nobody fault .. this is just how i feel. I am sorry if you …

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A Chat With A Stranger

I am so happy after getting my Debit Card.. but I am still not so sure on how to go about it.  I need help…. for sure i have somebody in mind.. I emailed Ladyjava… ‘RE  :  I NEED TO CALL YOU’..  She replied instantly, yes sure dear..and she gave me her number.   Wah this …

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While I Was Away

I was attending a three days course ‘Professionalism in Secretarial’ organized by INTAN in KK.Well overall the course was full of information and the best thing is… I met new friends, most of them are Personal Assistants/Secretaries from Federal and State Government. While I was on course I managed to get a peek at my …