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Sharing Celebrations

Our family shares celebrations together, not only Mother’s day, Father’s day but also birthday. If everybody’s free, we gathered our family members whom celebrate their birthday in the same month so we only buy one big cake and everybody share the joy and blessings. So the birthday invitations only within the family unless any one of us wants to invite their friends, the more the merrier.Last night was our daddy’s 58th birthday unfortunately everybody was busy, my brother bought cake and KFC, just a simple celebrations .. ..(sorry no picture attached).. . You know we love you .. … Happy Birthday Daddy!! We Love you…May God Bless you!

This picture was taken in 2004 … we were celebrating Mother’s day and Father’s day at the same time, cost and energy. when i was still chubby and my Sean are still small… the sizes of those in the picture are for me lah konon.

14 thoughts on “Sharing Celebrations”

  1. Hi Shirley..nice family photos. Now I see ex cikgu Boni, macam tida pandai tua daddy I see yr momยดs face baru sia ingat dia bah. How many siblings do you have? Mcm ramai kamu oh. Siapa yg tua? kau no berapa gia tu? Doi sia tida ingat lagi, dulu sia nampak kamurang kicil kicilllll lagi heheehe…anyway thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Shirl….yabah your daddy masih juga sama yang saya jumpa duluuuuu! Your mommy also still look the same. Diurang dua saja yg saya kenal betul. Tolong gia kasih nama satu2 Shirl. Your saudara ni buruk betul inda pun kenal saudara. Butul bah kami nampak kamu dulu kici lagi. Bah….thanks for sharing cuz.
    Please say Happy Bday for yr dad for me yah. Thanks Shirl.

  3. Luthie,
    Yah masa kami kicil2 lagi kami d K.Penyu.. i also cannot remember orang d kampung… my 1st cousin only lah.. tu pun sometimes only i meet them.

  4. Hilda,
    I dont remember you oh.. betul2 oh.. but i remember ur dad punya nama.. i dont think i know how he looks like… kita pun mo buat gathering ni kan.

  5. Seiras juga rupa kamu adik beradik perempuan ni.. man satu ko ni Shir? hehehe

    Lawa o mami kamu ni. Tantu jadi rebutan masa muda2 dulu…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. ornest..funny betul ko ni.. seramai-ramai wanita.. mummy aku juga ko nampak…hehehe.. memang dia lawa tu jadi pujaan jejaka zaman dahulu kala.

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