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    My Body Aching

    On Wednesday (25/06/08) .. i fetch Sean from school, 15 minute reaching home, Sean told me he wants to go to the toilet… i said hold on we are reaching home. I just hate my husband’s working hours 9.00am-7.00pm, so ridiculous, i have problem fetching my children. Anyway, while driving, i asked Sean how is he feeling… he keep quite. I asked him, if its ok if we fetch Chrissa first, he said ok. When i reached my friend’s home, i saw Chrissa waiting to go home, good… no need for me to get her at the 1st floor.

    Reaching the parking, Sean looked pale, ‘mummy! mummy! i want to go to the toilet now!’ Oh my God, how am going to do this… Sean can’t even moved his feet. I don’t want anything to happened while he walk to the stairs.. i have no choice.. i need to act fast. Without thinking further, i carried both of them to my 2nd floor apartment, with a few bags left and right my shoulder. A few steps before reaching my apartment’s door, i feel my steps getting smaller and slower but my children cheering me.. ‘mummy! mummy! faster! faster!’, i guess they are having so much fun. Once the door opened, Sean ran to the toilet… so kesian my son, he really had the diarrhea again.

    I let them watched TV, while i prepared food for everybody in the kitchen but i can feel my body aching so badly. My husband reached home at 8.30pm, everybody tired and sleepy.

    For me, i can still feel my body aching…really bad. I got really sick with flu, swollen tonsil, i need to get rid of my toxic in my body system, i might need colon cleanser to get rid of that. I pray to God to give me strength to take care of my family and our family always blessed with good health.

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    Panic Buying of Fuel Again

    I heard people in the office talking about the rumours that the Petrol Stations in the states will be on strike but i don’t really care about it, my mind was thinking about Chrissa.  I heard one of my friends keep on calling his friends informing his friends about it (che.. he is one of them who spread rumours).

    I was rushing home yesterday after Chrissa’s nanny called me that Chrissa got diarrhea again..  I went out early from the office, fetch Sean at 2.30pm.   On my home, i got stuck in the jam, there were long queues at the Esso Petrol Stations… ‘aiya this rumours spread so fast’.   Seriously, i never thought its going to be like this but managed to passed the the 1st Esso Station within 20 minutes wait.  The road was cleared but until i reached the Bundusan-Beverly’s junction, oh my.. it was massive jams, lucky Sean stayed calm even though one hour on the road.  I  know he felt uneasy under the burning sun.

    Once we passed the petrol station, i went to Wong Kwok wet market to buy vege and foods.  I reached home at 4.20pm, bring all the things, sean’s bag to our 2nd floor apartment, changed my clothes and went to get Chrissa at the other block.

    What a day for everybody! 

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    I’m At Work But On Standby

    I woke up this morning and i asked my son if he is feeling alright and ready to go to school. To my surprise he went out from the room and took off his pajamas, so i guess he is ready, while Chrissa still looks sleepy but when she saw her brother getting ready to school, she said she wants to go to school. Chrissa took her bath and wear nice dress, i packed their bags, since Chrissa thought she is going with her brother, i filled water into the cartoon tumbler.

    Everything were ready and off we go…. i send Chrissa to my neighbour’s house nearby, she took care of Chrissa since she was a baby. Sean seems happy to go to school after being absent for a day and so the driver a.k.a. my husband went to work… how i hate driving… my turn to drive myself to work. So here i am at work but on standby in case anyone of them not feeling well, i might just get ready anytime.

    I never though being a mother is going to be this though but it pays back when i look at my children wave goodbye and said their sorry if they did something wrong, the words ‘i love you, mummy’ always makes me happy indeed.

    After all this tiring journey, i feels like my family need a vacation and i will used the voucher that my boss gave me but before that i need to buy swimsuit for Chrissa, she loves to swim.

    Chrissa will look great on either one of these swimsuits and she have interest in swimming i might send her to swimming class. Who knows she might be the next Nurul Huda Abdullah... winning golds for the olimpics.