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Early Family Gathering

Yahooo it’s Friday…weekend is coming, my sister Sharon and her family from Labuan will be coming this evening so we will have our gathering at my parents’ home. Usually we will have our family gathering once a year that is in December but since my brother will be going to Australia to further his study in June, we decided to have early farewell dinner for him and the family.

Whenever we have our gathering,. .. the ladies zone will be the kitchen. Its not that everybody cooking….only be there as helper a.k.a penyibuk.. lol. Its always fun having everybody at home especially my elder sister Sharon, she would be a good listener and loves to laugh (until can hear the wheezing sound.. ampus..hehehe)… especially whenever my younger sister Shella start her jokes.

Anyway, our family are getting bigger, with only four of us, 3 girls and 1 boy… 3 married.. and now our my parents are blessed with 10 grandchildren. Its time to create more zones…. I guess we need to buy patio furniture, gathering will be more interesting in the garden.


  • Hilda

    Wah! Jelosnya I! What is more exciting than a family gathering!How did the gathering go? Punyalah seronok jumpa semua kan! Shirl, please share some pics. Congrats juga to your brother yah!

  • Rozz_Lea Rozie

    It’s nice to have a family gathering eventhough once a year ka…it’s really mean a lot especially to the parents, dapat jumpa cucu-cucu kan…

  • shirley

    ya bah early gathering bah..usually December baru we all jumpa. Unfortunately i didnt take any picture but my bro and sis use their… if ada, sure i post in the blog…

  • shirley

    Memangpun but you can imagine the muzic to the ear… and show when the cucu2 start playing rough.. adui..

  • Cay

    Shir ..our family gathering will be in december ..mmg ramai ohh especially when the cucu2 want to tunjuk their own talent hehehe u know wht i mean kan 🙂

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