I was feeling bad last week because of my throat.. i try to drink plenty of water but last Friday i can feel my body aching so i have to go to clinic. I got scolded from my family doctor, my tonsil badly swollen, i got mc. I had to take the antibiotic my doctor gave me, i found the pills in my handbag but it looks different, i remember doctor wrote, 2, 2, 2.. must take .. finish it… well this one also written the same but… anyway.. i need to take it.. . after taking it i felt giddy and numbness in my throat.. very bad feeling..

Next day took again… in my heart, this pill is too strong for me. I need to call my doctor, i took my purse from my handbag… oops i saw another pills and this one exactly written and i still remember how she prescribed it to me… oopsy.. i took the wrong medicine.

Oh my god! this is not my first experience of being forgetful, here a few stupid and embarrassing experiences i had, sharing you a few of it ;

I remember it happened, when my daughter was few months old, she was vomiting and body temperature was high, it was 11.30pm, we have to carry sean to clinic.. while walking i felt uneasy.. well of course, we were rushing until i forgotten to wear my bra… mmm.. lucky got towel to cover up.

I remember after i gave birth to Sean (C-section) i was totally blurr… imagine i woke up in the morning, i brush my teeth with my cleanser and  wash my face with toothpaste.

Not sure what is the cause of my forgetfulness, getting older maybe one of it. If our memory like a computer, well i really need to upgrade my memory.