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Happy Birthday April’s Babies


Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday To You… April’s Babies…

Happy Birthday To You!


The early month of April i was celebrating my daughter’s 2nd birthday, then i realized there are so many people i know that celebrating birthday this month. But before i send my dedications, i would like to apologized if your name is wrongly spell or not mentioned here, i might forgotten about so please let me know.


Here goes….


Happy Birthday Chrissa Marie Francis – my lovely daughter ( i love you so much baby.. muahh )

Happy Birthday Samuel Francis – my nephew ( sorry, auntie did not buy any present for you, have to wait for xmas)

Happy Birthday Abigail Ruth Francis – my niece (pretty girl also have to wait for xmas gift)

Happy Birthday ..My cousin, Bavani’s daughter (sorry dear i forgot how to spell her name)

Happy Birthday Felecity Jintoni – my bestfriend ( you will get your treat(makeup) tomorrow, sorry no handbag)

Happy Birthday Harry, my bestfriend, Cay’s husband (Cay is already my gift to you..hehehe.. lol..)

Happy Birthday Carolyn Maurice – my bestfriend and colleague ( Sorry lah moi no present, if i got money i wanted to buy cell phone repeater so that easier for me to send you sms wherever you go)

May God Bless All of You!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday April’s Babies”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful wishes for Aby and Samuel. So thoughtful of you. No need present la madam the thought that counts.

    Sorry unable to chat with u these days. I’m no longer a secretary, i’m a technical support staff with a brand new dept. Sometimes have to go to the site.

    I just came into ur website after so long.

    Take care and God Bless you, Chris, Sean and Chrissa

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