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Happy Birthday April’s Babies


Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday To You… April’s Babies…

Happy Birthday To You!


The early month of April i was celebrating my daughter’s 2nd birthday, then i realized there are so many people i know that celebrating birthday this month. But before i send my dedications, i would like to apologized if your name is wrongly spell or not mentioned here, i might forgotten about so please let me know.


Here goes….


Happy Birthday Chrissa Marie Francis – my lovely daughter ( i love you so much baby.. muahh )

Happy Birthday Samuel Francis – my nephew ( sorry, auntie did not buy any present for you, have to wait for xmas)

Happy Birthday Abigail Ruth Francis – my niece (pretty girl also have to wait for xmas gift)

Happy Birthday ..My cousin, Bavani’s daughter (sorry dear i forgot how to spell her name)

Happy Birthday Felecity Jintoni – my bestfriend ( you will get your treat(makeup) tomorrow, sorry no handbag)

Happy Birthday Harry, my bestfriend, Cay’s husband (Cay is already my gift to you..hehehe.. lol..)

Happy Birthday Carolyn Maurice – my bestfriend and colleague ( Sorry lah moi no present, if i got money i wanted to buy cell phone repeater so that easier for me to send you sms wherever you go)

May God Bless All of You!


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