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I just read jppm’s blog about her post scary but true. Well had the same experience with my daughter. It does sound weird and scary because it happened twice.

The first time was two months ago, his daddy just came back from meeting his friend, it was 1.00am, my daughter suddenly woke up and crying.. as if somebody hit her or something, she looked scared.. I though she had nightmare but she continue crying and doesn’t want to sleep. I have to carry her until she fall asleep.

Last night we encountered the same experience, everybody were sleeping, suddenly Chrissa cry out loud, she was so scared. I asked her who do you see, she point at one corner of the room, she hold my hand so tight… she said ‘mummy, scared’. I told her call Jesus, she sing Jesus, Jesus.. crying.

She sure scared the hell out of me.. i dont know what happened and what she saw but i am sure its scary. I hope it wont happened again.. please.

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  1. ehh shirl i wonder also why chrissa so scared. Sprinkle with Holy Water around the apartment k. I think I better do the same tonite

    I dont know but i hope she won’t encounter that experience again..

  2. Aww.. poor girl. But you know, saying the word “Jesus” comforts too. I tend to do that, even at this matured age. I still sing “Yes, Jesus loves me..” whenever I’m alone and scared. LOL!

  3. dui gia chrissa.. poor girl! ya bah, calling Jesus’ name will make us feel a-ok! (May be can ask someone from church to pray over Chrissa? Just a suggestion…) God bless!

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