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Golf Craze

Whenever i call my brother… ‘Bon, where are you?’ .. i always get his reply ‘ sini.. playing golf’ . He loves golfing so much but unfortunately nobody in our family have the same interest.

Since he loves golfing, i decided to surf the internet for places of golfing.. but not in Sabah.. haha mind you.. i saw the website about Branson golf that i thought will make my brother happy.

So Bonaventure Boniface… here are my gift to you… imagine first lah.. kio. The place is so far oh.. in US.. but i’m sure someday..boleh bah kalu ko!

The Golf Course

and below are the Cabin….


  • Cay

    Ya lor siok bah main golf niii ..satu exercise jua ..tapi punyalah jauh US tuu ko mau sponsor ..buli sponsor sia jua ka hehehe

    look interesting bah the sport but i haven’t tried it yet..

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