I am not sure if its really rainy season but it seems the rain is here again. Yesterday’s rain sure had caused flood in certain area.

My husband only managed to get to my office at 5.30pm yesterday evening after fetching my son from school. He did his best to find a route that is free from jam, he tried another short cut to another .. long cut.. we ended up.. stranded for hours.. we only reached home after fetching Chrissa at 7.00pm.

My chef husband made a fast to cook recipe for dinner and at the same time, we boil hot water for us to bath. .. but unfortunately while the water was boiling.. …… ..i heard chef saying ‘oh no.. out of gas lah’ .. . . For Sean we had to use the lukewarm, well for the parents .. no choice.. the water sooo cold.

We had intention to buy tankless water heaters, we have been talking about it for so long but until now.. its still our topic but no action taken. Maybe if we have extra money, we should think about installing one.