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    The Girl I Admire

    When i was pregnant my second child, i don’t really crave for foods but i love to decorate myself..hehehe.. i mean i love to apply my makeup on and wear jewellery to the office. Even my lady boss and colleagues noticed my appearance, well imagine wearing baju kurung with jewellery that is glitters, funny if i think about it.

    As i said, i don’t really crave for food but i saw a picture of a girl in a magazine, she is sooo soo lovely, i cut the picture, scanned it and stick it on my office compartment and near my dressing table at home.. so that i can look at it.. every time.

    I knew that i’m having a baby girl, so i already named her ‘Chrissa’ .. i told Sean to say greet her by touching my tummy.. ‘Hello Chrissa”.. so whenever Sean saw this picture, he said.. ‘that is Chrissa’ ..

    This is the picture of the lovely girl that i admire.. .



    Then i gave birth to a girl.. Chrissa Marie..that i adore..

    I will post the latest picture of chrissa… dont they look as if they are related?

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    Invest on Property

    No matter where you stay or what kind of house you are staying in, either apartment or condo apartment, its a style of living for modern people. The high cost of living these days given us limited choice in buying property. I have the intention of buying a semi detached house but i have to leave it K.I.V. until i can afford one.

    I think its worth to buy an apartment for investment and there is another type of investment property nowadays that is Condo Hotel. There offer an investor the opportunity to won a luxurious vacation property that helps pay for itself and come with a reservation system similar to that found in any hotel, with a reservation desk that is staffed around the clock. If you plan to stay at a Condo Hotel, whether as an owner or a guest, you can expect all the carefree amenities associated with a luxurious hotel. Don’t you wish to have that kind of investment if you have that money? Well i am sure will.

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    My Long Distance Friend

    Its funny to think that you have a friend that is so close and yet so far.  I mean, i have known a guy from India that once studied in the US, his name is Arunkumar Keserlah.   We met through chatting in yahoo chat in 1999,  if i’m not mistaken because i remember i just broke up with my boyfriend.  He have been a very good friend, he had helped me in many ways even though we are far but the internet kept us close and i remember we talked once through the telephone.

    He is now happily married with a beautiful Russian girl and now staying in the United States.  Imagine, we have known each other before we were married and we still keep in touch and exchange pictures of our family.

    This is Dinesh their only son.. well at the moment i guess they will have more children in the future.  Below is Arun with his wife, i dont remember her name, i will ask Arun once i meet him online.

    I hope our family can meet one day….