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My Future Daughter In-Law

I am smiling while typing this… anyway, i have asked the mother of this lovely girl permission to write this post.  She is my bestfriend’s daugher, her name is Amber Priyanka Narayanan.  Well since both of us, their mothers are friends, we made a joke about getting our children for ‘arrange marriage’ .

Dont you think they look great together.. Both of them mix of Indian and Kadazan, the girl’s daddy is originate from India.. related to Sha Rukh Khan… hehe just kidding or maybe dont know lah..

Well nowaday we dont believe in ‘arrange marriage’ .. Marriage should be based on true love..  No matter how it comes, maybe your ‘love at first sight’, ‘internet love’, first love’… it all ended up ‘down the isle with LOVE’.  

Anyway i will let my children decide who they want to be with.. its a long way to go..


  • MamaCay

    They look like bro&sis lah hehe ..but who knows wht will happen in the future ..hehe ..oh yah hubby don’t have any relationship with sharukhan but more on amitab bachan side hehehehe …

    tu lah.. brother n sister.. hehehe.. we also like sisters.. if lah kita besan..howlah?

  • denna

    wah..will my sona look like that ka?? hmm ini mix indian and kadazan too but hubby doesn’t look like sha ruk khan la..hehehe

    Sona?.. mmm nice name. welcome to the club.. i am sure your children will have the mixture looks

  • osindak

    hello there! (o: reading your post made me laugh because my best friend and I discussed the same thing! hehe my son is just 2 months older than her 2nd daughter. when we were pregnant, we discussed about match-making the kids.. haha

    i think most friends do that… up to them la bah kan..

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