Life is a beautiful journey!

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My Sketches Personal

My New Blog

I have created a new blog, the content will be all about fashion and makeup. The blog is still under construction but you are welcome to check it out. I have added a few collections of my sketch designs for your view. My New Blog Please feel free to add your comment. Thanks, your …

Children Personal

I Just Need ZZZZZ

I have been very sick from diarrhaea since weekend and at the same time my daughter’s tummy got infected which caused ‘boil’ on the skin. I cannot take care of myself and my daughter, so my smart move.. knock at my mummy’s door. My mummy open the door with open heart… cook delicious soup and …

Family Personal

Being A Mother

I remember when i was single, my mummy used prepare everything for me. Not only during my school time but also after i got my job. Imagine that, i was so ‘manja’ with my mummy and still am.. hehe. She will wakes me up every morning, cook breakfast for me and when i come back …