My Baby..

Dont get me wrong.. i love having a baby but i think two is enough.. but Its funny when i think about it. It seems that i just given birth to my baby and now there are grown up.

I think it is easier to take care of them when they were still a baby.. whenever they cry, i just hold and attend to what they need.. easy to make them smile.. or laugh.. cute.. i miss that.. i miss the smell of the baby lotion and eucalyptus oil.. muaahh..

Sean Matthew born on 11 Nov 2003

Chrissa Marie born on 4 April 2006

It is interesting to watch them grow.. they learn new things everyday.. they say.. new words and sentences each day.. The best part is.. they know how to reply to me.. ‘no’ ‘dont want’ ‘why’… it is a process of learning to me also as a parent.


  • denna here from chegu carol’s blog.People said babies grow very fast, you might one to add if money and time is not a concern. i’m about to have one, 3 if perfect but i’ll see afte rthis on eis born..:->

    Yes.. if i have the money and time.. i might consider having 6 children.. ‘i think so’..

  • MamaCay

    Well for me & hubby .. two are just nice for us even we have two girls only but as wht we are concern is how to take care their growing needs especially money is concerned(education is really expensive nowadays & it will oso in the future)MamaLey u want 6 children ka ..aiyooo ..larat kah tuu? 🙂

    For now i think two is enough.. one boy and one girl complete my family.. i’m also concern about education for them. ..

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