Christmas Around the Corner

Christmas is coming.. soon.. very soon. I am so in the holiday mood. Its not that I don’t have things to do at work but I just don’t want to do it. Unless its urgent then no choice.

Even though in holiday mood but I still haven’t done anything. I have not buy any christmas presents or what so ever. The only thing I did was putting up the christmas tree which was done by my husband and children. Dear me.. so busy with other things.. Wake up Shirley.. do something..!!

I really have to do something.. .. for a start.. I need to do this check list :

  • Buy chrismas gift (have to do list)
  • What food to prepare for chrismas (my husband deal with this)
  • Plan for the Christmas family gathering (eucharist) (location, the theme.. etc)
  • have to plan properly this year

Well.. I just hope this christmas will be blessed with joy and happiness, with forgiveness from every members of the families and friends.

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