Every day.. my husband will cook for the whole family. He have his menus ready i guess. Even on weekend, he will have his recipe book on the table to see what to cook… early morning he will go to the market to buy the necessary things according to the recipe.

While he preparing the food in the kitchen, i got to clean the house and my lucky children waited in the living room, entertain by Playhouse Disney and sometimes Ceria on ASTRO.

Sometimes i wonder what the recipe will be at that time and how would it taste.. until the food served on the dinning table then i will get the chance to taste, criticize and comment. I am proud of him, he have been a good chef at home.

I do cook once in a while especially in the weekend, the time Chief Chris out of idea. Taking over his place in the kitchen is my greatest challenge. Sometimes i dont know what to cook, the easiest dish is soup. Whenever i served soup, chris will say, ‘i remember last week also soup?’ and my respond will be ‘ofcourse dear, soup have a lot of nutritien’, i have put everything in the soup. .. so no further comment. Luckily my children still dont know how to complain, but if they do, i am sure they will say ‘Mummy, is this the best you can cook?’.. hehehe.. i hope not.

I know daddy is the best cook, he is the House Chef! bravo