My mum always asked me to do facial for her, which I enjoyed doing sometimes. Every time I did her facial I would promised her that I will take her to a salon one day. I can,t recalled how many times I promised her.

It was just recently that I was thinking to do facial for me and my mum. She was so exited when I called her to ask her whether she is free on Saturday to do facial but unfortunately she and my dad had made a planned to attend wedding. Well I though, I can arranged for her to do facial next time. Suddenly she said, can I go tomorrow? I explained to my dad where the place is. Ok.. set.. I spoke to the my friend (the owner) my mum will be there. the appointment is at 9.00 am.

The Next Day…. Friday….

Early morning I called her asking whether she had reached the place. I have been calling her hp for 3 times, there were still searching for the place. After 30 minute searching.. they managed to find the salon. The fourth time I called, she had switched off her hp, I was sure the beautician was treating her face that moment. After being pampered for one and a half hours, she called .. ‘Ley, I’m done with the facial, come and take me here’.

When I reached the place, I asked her to come down because it was hard to find a parking, but she said ‘I am not done yet’. Luckily I managed to find a parking space. Upon reaching the salon, she was doing her manicure. Wah .. no wonder lah.
Imagine at the age of 55 only she got the opportunity to do facial.