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    The Best Friends

    Sometimes i wonder, how long could a friendship last. Could it last only for 1 year, 2 years or for a life time. It is interesting to know that there are people who know you, sometimes more than you ever know yourself.

    I met Kay, Fele, Collette and Flo in a college in 1993, taking the same course. Staying next door to each other, made us like a team. We do most of the thing together, go to class, cafeteria, library, what else..go to church..etc. Other friends will say we were just like ‘belangkas’ , they even notice when one of us in the team.

    This is what i thought of them… i hope they wont marah me lah.. this is my own opinion..

    Flo : The leader.. she just like to instruct us..

    Cay : The big sister, our reference

    Colette : Full of sense of humour

    Fele : Soft spoken but you will hear her voice when she angry

    Me : Dont know lah.. mybe the fighter..

    We are still the best of friends .. all of us are married, with children .. except for flo..no news yet from her.

    Until now, we still rely on each other’s opinions.. we still fight as usual when comes to disagreement. I pray that our friendship will last forever! Amen

    From left : mummy ley, ina fele, aunty flo, mummy lett and mama cay..