Mummy’s Day Out

Everybody is looking forward for a weekend. That is the only day that we can spend our time with our family. But I thought this Saturday (24 Nov), I need a break. A day for myself. Well actually there is a feeling of guilt leaving the family at home.

Early Saturday morning I woke up, clean the house, prepared breakfast for the family. At 9.40am, I say goodbye to them and went off to my friend’s salon which is located in Likas.

It feel good to drive on my own sometimes, tuning in to my favorite radio station ‘lite n easy’. Driving without disturbance, only surrounded by music. Wahh.. so good..

I straight away did my facial upon reaching the salon. At the same time, I had the opportunity to talk about business with my friend. So it’s a deal, we going to venture into business soon.. yes.. soon after another project is over.

Time check 1.00 pm, time to go home. Husband’s sms ‘where are you?’.. I bought goreng pisang and ubi manis before going off. On the way home, I have to take a cloth hanger in a shop in Likas, which we ordered few months earlier.

Reached home exactly at 2.00pm. Home Sweet Home!… Thanks dear for taking care of the children..



  • MamaCay

    No problem bah fele …i can take care of the twins hehe ..bukan main lagi mummy eley nii pegi facial lagi ..misti mau bikin tuu kening tuu hehe for my side normally me&hubby will go out watch movie bah after tht jln2 cari makan (mcm yg dulu2 tuu time masi lagi bfren&gfren) hehe but only on sunday & once in a month jah ..cus karang my MIL buli pengsan hahaha ..

    MamaCay ni betul2 in the zaman bujangs.. lucky you got ur MIL

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