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Good Mummy, Bad Mummy

Before i got married, i always judge the way my sister and other mother i know, treat their children. I always thought they are not doing the right thing, especially when they shout at their children. ‘What a Bad Mummy’.. i told to myself.. i am not going to treat my child like that.. i am going to be the ‘Good Mummy’

Well that was then.. .. Now when i have my own children.. my perception about ‘Good Mummy, Bad Mummy’ got mixed up.

I am not sure anymore whether i am being a ‘good mummy or bad mummy’. When my 5 years old son start his tantrum, i try to be a ‘good mummy’ which i thought so at that time. I try to talk to him nicely, hug him.. i try everything to make sure he stop… BUT.. when he continues.. and the tantrum got worsen.. ‘GOOD MUMMY.. beginning to change the colour.. .. . becoming the great Monster. To stop his tantrum.. i did pinch, shout.. oh my god.. i even spank him.

Is it bad to spank my son to make him stop his tantrum? Am i a Bad Mummy when shout at him? Do you have the same experience? Please share you knowledge on how to be a Good Mummy and not becoming the Bad Mummy.

I would love to always be the Good Mummy.. i love my son.. he is so adorable but you know .. kids will always be kids..

4 thoughts on “Good Mummy, Bad Mummy”

  1. hmmn sometimes we still need to spank our kid in order to show him that we meant what we say…so good or not, it is very difficult to say..

  2. Odoi dogo Shirl, I am used to the ‘shouting’ thing! It felt as if the kids (including the big kid!) never listen until the voice is notching up and may break the glass window! lol anyhow, am more suttle now that my kids bigger and understands more. grrrrr macam mau cengak saja! Hang in there… you’re not alone. Hugs!

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