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    Life is a Beautiful Journey

    Looking back 16 years ago when i became a mom to a cute 3.15kg baby boy. I was still in the operation room half ceaser. Its was a scary moment when i heard doctors talking to each other “the baby not crying!” faster..do something”! I heard foot step running..and within 10 minute i can hear a baby crying. I was relieved, everyone was relieved. My baby boy is so chubby and i remember his smell the first time i hold him..smell so nice. My Sean Matthew is my first born…and thats is the start of my journey of being a mother.

    Something is not right

    First time having a baby of my own but not a first time taking care of baby. We are the generations who become nanny to our relatives, taking care of our younger cousins during school holiday.

    There is something not right when a child became too active, too sensitive and doesnt want to play with other kids. As a mother this worries me.

    I know I have to do something, even though I was being denial. Just imagine when you are in a party, he will just scream just because he dont get what he wants or scream and lie down on the floor in a restaurant because he thought the people in front was looking and talking about him. That is just a two examples of many situations we faced.

    It was embarrasing, stressful and i might be into depression (didnt get myself check). As i know its not normal to have feeling to jump from my 2nd floor apartment, crying without reason and became worse after my second child was born. I was mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

    The Blaming Game

    The cozy home became war zone. Love became hate. There are nothing good to see anymore, everything focus on the bad and the wrong.

    Then I wanted to do something different, i want to change!we want change!

    To understand something you need to learn about it. Mr. Google has become my good buddy and references. Seeking informormation and knowledge from parenting, special needs and self development. How to control stress? understand emotions….and how to be a good mother?…”change anything you want to be with NLP”.

    I packed my bag and took my NS-NLP Certification in KL for 7 days in 2010. Its a complicated things but i slowly understood the way it works once i applied it in my life..to myself and my family.

    I didnt stop learning, attending seminar and courses related to special needs and children to be general. Outdoor Play and Certified Teacher Yoga for Kids.

    After attended seminars, I then realized there are NLP technique being used in other therapy but the only different is the terms they used.

    I did my own research and applied it my son, from how to control his tantrum/meltdown, how to relax, how to get ready for big event and so on.

    There are so many Certified NLP Trainers in Malaysia and even Master NLP Trainer in Sabah. I am not sure how many can use their NLP knkwledge to help you as what i did is all through my own experience.

    Do check out this Tips to get Autism ready for social gathering.

    Should you need my assistant, please do not be hesitate to email me at beautiza@gmail.com

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    Kids Bazaar… Run by Kids..For Kids!

    My daughter got so excited to join the Kids Bazaar organized by a group of friends.


    Few days before the event, she got excited and even design her own bracelets.

    Chrissa’s Design

    I asked her to gathered whatever bracelets and key chains that we did before to add into to her collections of items to sell at the Kids Bazaar.


    They were so excited for the event, they woke up and got ready early for the event.  My son doesn’t want to missed out, he supposedly attending his weekly kololo training in Seri Mengasih but i thought this is a good social skill training.

    Once we reach the venue, set up their so called booth, combined with her friends the items they are selling.  I teach them how to do inventory list, preparing their petty cash, listing down quantity and price of items.

    Waiting For Customers


    They were waiting.. and waiting anxiously ..  i can hear them talking to each other “come lets see what they are selling”..”ada jual food” they were busy talking, so i decided to walk around with Sean.  Sean bought foods.. yay! spaghetti for breakfast.

    No Business Owner! No Customers!

    Coming back from our shopping spree with Sean.  Surprise! there is nobody at the booth ! what!? I decided to find and remind them their duty and responsibility.


    The Taukeh!

    I asked Sean to be the ‘tauke’ for the day.  Don’t he look like one nice taukeh? Enjoying his food while waiting for customer to come… aah i know he can handle customers… he is too friendly 🙂


    In Search For The Girls…

    As i was walking… taraa! found these girls.. wandering around excitedly..forgotten about that they are too running a business at that same moment.


    Wait!  ..lets see where they were up to ..

    Aha!… foods.. spaghetti.. how can you resist the foods and the team with good marketing strategy.  “get your spaghetti here! come! come!


    Look at the smile …patiently waiting for customers.


    No one can resist this cute boy.. only rm1 for a cupcake.. do your own design…everybody loves it.


    Wait… there are not back yet.. they are going somewhere else.. and there i was looking from far for their next destination.

    They were approached by a pretty girl “hi, would you like to take a photograph? … its free”

    Photo booth by runs by Maya. 


    They did not missed out the face painting… its fun to see them walking around doing inspection from one booth to another.


    Back to Business!

    Whenever people come to the booth i walk away.. i look and listen how the communicate with their customers (big and small).

    They were so inspired by how other kids promoting their business, so they decided to do their own marketing strategy, walking around  with their place cards while one of them attend customer at their booth.



    They look nervous attending their first customer but after awhile.. they gets better.  Even my son started calling people to buy “come beli”! beli!


    The Last Customer

    There are some negotiations going on… Lona didn’t have enough money.. she only got rm4 but the bracelet cost rm5.  “What do you do Lona”, asked her mum.  Okay.. because she is so cute.. not only Chrissa gives her discount.. she gave her free key chain. Probably its her way of her marketing strategy and because she was the last customer before we ‘tutup kedai’ close their booth and packed their things.

    20160220_112758  20160220_112807


    The Best Day Ever!

    Whenever my daughter says.. ‘The Best Day Ever’ she really mean it.. they had great fun, i did too.. we all had great time.  I cant describe how awesome that day was.  There were music, bubbles, kids running the booths..kids running around.. kids playing games, its full of laughter and happiness.

    We have our tummy full of foods, from cotton candy.. spaghetti, cupcakes.. drinks. Had fun with the games and lots of prices. We met new old and make new friends. Oh its  the feeling of satisfaction.  I might have forgotten some details.. but if you were there, then you know what i meant.

    We are so blessed and glad to be part of the Kids Bazaar.  Kids learn a lot from it, from communication, marketing, handling money.  It shows that learning does not need to be stressful but fun and enjoyable.