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    Why He Choose Barber instead of Salon

    Trimming his hair during the weekend, his hair grow so fast. Looking at him sitting there reminds me how hard it was few years back.

    Long time ago when he was younger, having to bring him to to get his hair cut has always been a challenge.It was easier to cut/trimmed his hair when he was younger but as he was bigger, I am afraid Im going to give him a bad hair cut (which i did) and its troublesome to do hair cut at home.

    The Sensory Problem

    Our first attempt to get him a hair cut was at a salon when he was 6 or 7 years old. I thought bringing him to a salon, lady stylist will be a good help instead he had a meltdown, scream and tried to throw a chair.Having sensory problem makes him hates of the sound of the electronic hair trimmer.The smells of shampoo, hair dye and lots of liquid items related to hair treatment can probably affected their sensory.Some salon has lots of picture, decor, color that are very attractive but too striking for those with sensory problem. So I had to continue giving him hair cut at home while he watches the tv or use handphone for distraction.

    The Environment and Location

    Probably at the age of 10, we decided to bring him to a barber shop, the barber was an old man and the shop were very quite and not many people at the time. When he was sitting down, i remember my heart beat so fast and I prayed that he will sit still…and yes he did. It was a success!After the success story, we continue to get his hair cut at the same barber shop and even if the shop were full, we will patiently wait for our turn.Why he prefer barber than salon? The answer is..the environment …not much smell..not much visual distraction…its just plain SIMPLE.

    Little Step at a Time

    So yes that struggle is real but little step we make and the little step they take is a victory.

    “The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.” John C. Maxwell

    Not like before going to the same barber shop, now we can choose any barber shop convenient, as long as its a barber shop.

    For parents with special needs, why dont you share with me your child’s hair cut experience.

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    I love creating andexperimenting something new.I have been designing, making and selling my own handmade jewelry. But I love making earrings the best, as its easier and simpler but it gets difficult when I tried new design.


    Making earrings using lava beads is interesting. Not only I can play with the color and design but I also can add essential oils to give it a nice smells on it.


    Yes its Chinese New Year around the corner. I am choosing citrus scent to get the uplifting and positive vibes.

    Awesome, strong, happy, wealthy and healthy vibes for the rest of the year.


    Here is what you need to do before you wear the beautiful lava or diffuser earrings.

    1. Put the lava diffuser earrings on a tissue or cotton,

    2. Add 1 or 2 drops of essential oils your choice and to get the right mood,

    3. Rub the left over essential oil on your wrist.


    Get yours now, check out bybeautizadesign facebook and instagram for more information.