The First Facial

My mum always asked me to do facial for her, which I enjoyed doing sometimes. Every time I did her facial I would promised her that I will take her to a salon one day. I can,t recalled how many times I promised her. It was just recently that I was thinking to do facialContinue Reading “The First Facial”


The Best Friends

Sometimes i wonder, how long could a friendship last. Could it last only for 1 year, 2 years or for a life time. It is interesting to know that there are people who know you, sometimes more than you ever know yourself. I met Kay, Fele, Collette and Flo in a college in 1993, takingContinue Reading “The Best Friends”


Mummy’s Day Out

Everybody is looking forward for a weekend. That is the only day that we can spend our time with our family. But I thought this Saturday (24 Nov), I need a break. A day for myself. Well actually there is a feeling of guilt leaving the family at home. Early Saturday morning I woke up,Continue Reading “Mummy’s Day Out”