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Rasa Ria Gateway

Saturday morning… looking at the time its just 6.00am. Chrissa looking at me ‘i want nenen’. Oh dear.. go to sleep, i make for you nenen later.. give me another 1 hour sleep. Not long from that Sean starting his nonsense, pinching and kicking just to take the attention. Can i just get my sleepContinue Reading “Rasa Ria Gateway”

Health Concern

Tradisional Therapies for Diabities

Misai Kucing Botanical name : Orthosiphon stamineus benth. Known as misai kuching (cat’s whiskers) here, or kumis kuching in Indonesia, this herb is popular with many Southesast Asians. for centuries, they have been brewing and drindking misai kucing, also known as Jawa tea or kideny tea. this medicinal herb has been used traditionally for treatingContinue Reading “Tradisional Therapies for Diabities”


The First Facial

My mum always asked me to do facial for her, which I enjoyed doing sometimes. Every time I did her facial I would promised her that I will take her to a salon one day. I can,t recalled how many times I promised her. It was just recently that I was thinking to do facialContinue Reading “The First Facial”