The House Chef

Every day.. my husband will cook for the whole family. He have his menus ready i guess. Even on weekend, he will have his recipe book on the table to see what to cook… early morning he will go to the market to buy the necessary things according to the recipe. While he preparing theContinue Reading “The House Chef”


The Birthday

I have wanted to write about this post right after the occasion but it would be meaningful without any pictures. I managed to scanned one important picture, that is the CAKE. Get straight to the story… I have been planning to celebrate Sean Matthew’s birthday on 8 November 2007, exactly his date of birth andContinue Reading “The Birthday”

Children Family

Rasa Ria Gateway

Saturday morning… looking at the time its just 6.00am. Chrissa looking at me ‘i want nenen’. Oh dear.. go to sleep, i make for you nenen later.. give me another 1 hour sleep. Not long from that Sean starting his nonsense, pinching and kicking just to take the attention. Can i just get my sleepContinue Reading “Rasa Ria Gateway”