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    When we reach at the Crossroad..  we get confused on which path to go.  Are we choosing the right career? is this what we want in life?  We have so many questions.. but the only person who can give you the answer..is you..yourself my friend.  🙂

    I was asked by Youth Prep Center to be part of their Crossroad program in Pukak, Kiulu 21-23 October 2011.  My honor to be part of youths and in helping them finding their path in career.

    Sharing my knowledge to youths is part of my goal, besides helping them i also get the chance to have my ‘me’ time.  I had time to be away from my work for awhile.. and the stress at home..haha.. even for a day.. everybody deserves that ‘time out’.

    It will not complete without asking them to ‘move’.. to the music.. well the floor are as alloc original, no problem to be the dance floor.


    Team building activity done by members of the YPC

    Happy, excited, tired faces after the ‘team building’

    Day 2


    I was talking in about Stress, Communication and Being Positive!  and also the important of showing Respect and sharing Love.

    Yup.. that’s me 🙂

    Casual Group photo at the end of program

    Oh ya..  we use the word ‘WHATEVER’  a lot.. for certain interesting reasons… To me after saying ‘WhatEver’..as a phrase with them.. is not only a words..but become a sweet memory..whenever i heard or i say ‘Whatever’.. it reminds me of that great days with them.

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    Students Retreat in Kiulu

    Early October i was asked again to share my knowledge and give motivation for students preparing for their exam.  This time i am heading to Kiulu… another new place for me to visit.

    To my surprise..i was asked to talk in front of 134 active teenagers.. wah!

    I would not let them watch while i present.. they will have to ‘dance’… well that is how i recharge my battery.. once i dance i can present better.. wink 😉



    Picture time.. all the best to all!