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How to Control Emotions

Have you ever signed in to your facebook account in the morning facing  at angry statement, dissatisfaction,  picture of murder and different type of annoying story. I have probably contribute such annoying story to others too. We cant stop anyone from expressing their anger or whatever dissatisfaction they have through social media and sometimes weContinue Reading “How to Control Emotions”

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Being a Better Person

Every day when I wake up, I thank God for another day in my life. I always remind myself to be better than I was the day before. To be better and healthier, I made a decision to focus on exercise. I was one of those people who had 1001 excuses not to exercise. MyContinue Reading “Being a Better Person”

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What if i die….?

My children stayed overnight with their grandparents in a big house, bigger than ours of course and more space to play.  Since my parents are here, i thought its good to let them enjoy their holiday with their grandparents and forget about school, study, games, tv and just follow their grandparent’s adventure.  After first orContinue Reading “What if i die….?”