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Early Mother’s Day

I am trying to get myself back together… this sore throat make me feel terrible.. cold in the office.. sweat under the sun while waiting for my son.. body aching.. my mind not focus.. but i would love to write about this this very moment.. Its started early morning yesterday when i started feelingContinue Reading “Early Mother’s Day”

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My Interview with Datin Aminah

I have been thinking to further study..but  juggling with career, family.. taking care of my children and study… sleep late to study.. get dark circles under eyes for not having enough sleep…can i do that? and i said to myself  ‘i am too old to study’..too old? how old is too old?  learning is aContinue Reading “My Interview with Datin Aminah”

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Such An Inspiration

Thank you for visiting my blog.. and thank you for giving comments.. i appreciate your time to come by.. it means a lot to me.. its like a ‘Hi’ to me.. and i welcome you with my warmest heart.  You…yes all of you.. you who just visited, you who come once in a while, you,Continue Reading “Such An Inspiration”