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    Getting The Right Drum Set For Your Child

    It is established that when children are given the chance to play a musical instrument, it benefits them in many ways and usually has a lasting effect on them throughout their lives. The opportunity forms the basis for them to understand and appreciate music.

    Image Credit: Cajonguide.com

    One of the best instruments for kids is drums and when you are about to buy drum sets for your child, making the right choice of drum to buy may feel like a challenging task. It is helpful to consult the buying guide of best drum set for children in order to make the perfect choice for your kid. Besides, here are a few useful tips to set you on the right path;

    Determine your price range

    Before you begin browsing drum sets, you need to first know how much you are willing to spend. Despite the fact that drum sets for kids are usually cheaper than regular drum sets, the price can still vary significantly. The price ranges from as low as $100 to more than $1000, depending on a number of factors, such as brand, materials used, number of drums in the set etc. Typically, the higher the price, the better the quality. However, a decent kid’s drum set will cost around $300.

    Decide how many drum pieces you want in the set

    Most drum sets usually have three to five drum pieces. A three-piece drum set usually has a kick drum, one tom and a snare while four-piece and five-piece drum sets usually have extra toms. For most beginners, it is advisable to start with a three-piece or four-piece drum set and not worry about having more drum pieces in the set.

    Pay attention to the details

    Many people make the mistake of not paying enough attention to what is included in the drum set kit. As a result, some of the necessary components of the set may be missing and they would not know. The essential components, asides the drums, include cymbals and cymbal stands, a kick pedal and a drum throne. Some of these components do not accompany some drum sets, so pay attention to the listed items in the drum set before making the purchase. When necessary, the other components can be purchased separately.

    Get to know the different drum brands

    Many brands produce drum sets, both for kids and adults. Sometimes, the knowledge of one brand from the other helps define what choice you will make when other factors, such as price, have been considered. The more you know about the brands, the better your chance of making the right choice of which to go with.

    Despite how it may seem, buying the right drum for your kid is not difficult. Besides, kids are always going to be excited about the drums, regardless of the one you buy. The adventure and learning that comes with beating the drum set is in itself enthralling for them. Equipping them with kits and an instructor further sets them on the right course of learning the instrument.


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    Ready for Adventures..

    I am not an adventurous kind of person but i feel its time for me to try an adventure.  I am thinking of doing activity or sport that is adventurous yet safe for my family.   What suits my ideas? mount climbing will be early for my kids and i don’t think i can climb the mountain yet.   Another one i have in mind is kayak, and there even special design for kayak seats for kids, how awesome is that.

    Watching a discovery channel on Astro today about diving in Sipadan give me an eye opener.  I feel the next trip will be going to Sipadan or at least Manukan first and diving will be the best activity.  When my daughter watch the program on tv, she said.. “can we go there..? i want to dive”.  It was so beautiful under the water as how they captured it, it really makes you want to go there and dive.

    I can already imagine my kids can dive .. like this picture that i have taken from the internet.. this will make me want to go diving with my family.


    Hopefully this picture can motivate us to learn how to dive..  🙂

    If i can’t do this activity for this year, i might set goal for next year.  It will be an activity to look forward to.

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    Stand Out!

    Each and everyone of us are unique.  Some of us are daring enough to be in the business world and not afraid to fall.

    We learn to ‘brand’ ourselves to stand out from others.   We have our own gifted talent, just seek it and improve but don’t try hard to impress others that can make you suffer.

    Don’t be different, just be extraordinary!