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Getting The Right Drum Set For Your Child

It is established that when children are given the chance to play a musical instrument, it benefits them in many ways and usually has a lasting effect on them throughout their lives. The opportunity forms the basis for them to understand and appreciate music. One of the best instruments for kids is drums and whenContinue Reading “Getting The Right Drum Set For Your Child”

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Ready for Adventures..

I am not an adventurous kind of person but i feel its time for me to try an adventure.  I am thinking of doing activity or sport that is adventurous yet safe for my family.   What suits my ideas? mount climbing will be early for my kids and i don’t think i can climb theContinue Reading “Ready for Adventures..”

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Stand Out!

Each and everyone of us are unique.  Some of us are daring enough to be in the business world and not afraid to fall. We learn to ‘brand’ ourselves to stand out from others.   We have our own gifted talent, just seek it and improve but don’t try hard to impress others that can makeContinue Reading “Stand Out!”