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Squier Jazz Bass

  I love the sound of guitar but I just can’t get my fingers right the chord, seems like too big for my hand.  Luckily there is another smaller version of guitar, same sound and chord, the only different is the size.  Ukulele is like a smaller and cute guitar.  There is another guitar that […]

Occupational Wellness

OCCUPATIONAL WELLNESS Occupation wellness is the dimensions that recognize your personal satisfaction and enrichment through work.  A person who is doing is a person is doing exactly what they want to do in life and is comfortable and content with their personal and financial situation and future plans has a very healthy state of occupational […]

My First Powtoon Animation

I always wanted to try on animation but most sites i visit are costly then i found something interesting.. fresh and full of awesomeness.  After looking through the tutorials and trying on it.. i manage to create my own powtoon animation. Powtoon is really awesome! This is my first animation presentation, i created one ..’an […]

Music Cafe

Have you ever dream of having your own music store in the future?  I was just thinking on how a possibility of a cafe with music store at the same time.  We can have cafe and book, cafe and boutique .. to have a cafe in a music store will be awesome. While you have […]

Pope Francis resolutions for 2015

I hope its not to late to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2015!  Are you ready for another chapter of your life?  Either you still struggling to your same resolution every year or new resolution this year, there are another 12 months given to you. Whatever your resolution or goals this year, i would […]

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