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Why We Need Criticism

Nobody like to be criticized and told they are wrong.  Most prefer to be praised for everything we do and if they did mentioned it,  at least a pat on the back means a lot to someone.  Unfortunately, we are not perfect and not everyone can give you a good comments or suggestions.   Some peopleContinue Reading “Why We Need Criticism”

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Accepting Differences

How long have you been married? 5, 10 or 20 years?  Being married almost 10 years..makes  me realized that we have so many differences.. and little things in common.   I have been looking at the differences and make a really big deal about it.. i was stress.  He is quite type of guy and loves Continue Reading “Accepting Differences”

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The Mind, Body and Soul

Don’t we all love having a fit and sexy body?  We all want to be healthy and look great.. don’t we?  We say it over and over again.. what’s your action?  Say..say..say but no action?  You are not going to achieve anything by saying but no doing. Life is all about balance : Mind :Continue Reading “The Mind, Body and Soul”