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25 Ways To Talk So Your Children Will Listen

As a mother.. it is my duty to make sure my children listen to me.. and it is not easy to persuade them or to make them obey to you entirely… i always make my time to checkout information and ask Dr. Sears for guidance and the right techniques on handling children or teenagers….. don’tContinue Reading “25 Ways To Talk So Your Children Will Listen”

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Stop Complaining.. Take Action!

I try to stop complaining about my daily life.. hahaha.. and accept whatever comes.. i mean rather then complaining.. better take action and get solution… Waking up every morning.. to boil water.. i should buy Bosch tankless water heater … too many clothes to wash and not enough space… i need more hangers… i hateContinue Reading “Stop Complaining.. Take Action!”

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Especially for Men!!!

This is a must read for you guys.. well my husband is no exception to this… i will make sure he read this post. Why this is a ‘must read’ for you guys… well i found out a Jewelry website that have tips for you guys out there..   We know you guys wanted so badlyContinue Reading “Especially for Men!!!”